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Loaders Range


Engine power: 105kw (141HP) / 1900rpm

Operating weight: 13,700 kg

Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper): 4492 × 3185 × 2950

Blade type: Straight tilting blade or Angle blade

Choice of rippers or winch

Ground pressure (Mpa): 0.063


Choice of engines, including American manufactured Cummins:

Engine power/speed:144KW (192HP) / 1800rpm

Operating weight: 17,000kg

Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper): 5140 × 3388 × 3032

Blade type: Angle blade, Straight tilting blade, U blade

Choice of rippers or winch

Ground pressure (Mpa): 0.063


Choice of engines, including Cummins:

Engine power/speed:175KW (235HP) / 1800rpm

Operating weight: 23,400kg

Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper): 5495 × 3725 × 3402

Blade type: Angle blade, Straight tilting blade, U blade, Semi-U blade

Choice of rippers or winch

Ground pressure(Mpa): 0.077


Cummins engine

Engine power/speed: 257kW (345HP) / 2000rpm

Operating weight: 37200kg

Length × width × height (mm) (including ripper): 8560 × 4130 × 3640

Blade type: Straight tilting blade, Angle blade, Semi-U blade

Choice of rippers

Ground pressure(Mpa): 0.105



This series of loaders can be supplied with a choice of engines including Cummins, thus possessing strong power and large torque reserve and being able to exert powerful driving force to enhance their working efficiency and effectiveness.


The loaders can be configured to suit your working environment, with a range of buckets and attachments available. The loaders are manufactured by Shantui Construction Machinery Co. in China. Parts and labour warranties and ongoing support and parts supply.


Engine power: 60kw (80HP) / 2400rpm

Operating weight: 6200kg

Length × width × height(mm): 5430 × 2078 × 2850

Loading capacity: 2 tonne

Standard bucket capacity: 1m3

Dumping height (mm): standard arm 2460, long arm 2850

Dumping reach (mm): standard arm 850, long arm 865

Wheelbase (mm): 2270



Choice of engines including Cummins:

Engine power: 97kw (130HP) / 2200rpm

Operating weight: 10,500kg

Length × width × height (mm): 7043 × 2484 × 3235

Loading capacity: 3 tonne

Standard bucket capacity: 1.7m3

Dumping height (mm): standard arm 2875, extended arm 3057, long arm 3200

Dumping reach (mm): standard arm 886 extended arm 906, long arm 955

Wheelbase (mm): 2700



Choice of engines, including Cummins:

Engine power: 160kw (214HP) / 2200rpm

Operating weight: 16,650kg

Length × width × height (mm): 7995 × 3026 × 3410

Loading capacity: 5 tonne

Standard bucket capacity: 3m3

Dumping height (mm): standard arm 3195, extended arm 3370 long arm 3700

Dumping reach (mm): standard arm 1115, extended arm 1155, long arm 1175

Wheelbase (mm): 3250



Engine power: 175kw (238HP) / 2200rpm

Operating weight: 19,500kg

Length × width × height (mm): 8446 × 3075 × 3498

Loading capacity: 6 tonne

Standard bucket capacity: 3.3m3 (heavy duty bucket)

Dumping height (mm): 3246

Dumping reach (mm): 1248

Extended arm and long arm available

Wheelbase (mm): 3400

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